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If you are looking to improve your job search interview coaching preparation for your clients and students, why re-invent the wheel?


I've already done that and am going to share it with you - NOW!


I am not only willing to share my most successful secrets with you -- I
am giving you the rights to use them with our clients and students.

Who Am I And What Makes Me
An Interview Expert?

Carole Martin, The Interview CoachMy name is Carole Martin. As The Interview Expert for for the past 8 years, having written countless articles and appeared as an interview authority on national radio, television and newspapers, I’m known as the #1 Interview Coach in America.

I have 18 years of human resources experience, a Masters in Career Development and am the author of 10 books on interviewing.

Dear Counselor,

I know budgets are tight - but isn't "TIME" even more valuable to you these days???????

Let me hand you a solution of ways to improve your services - AND save you that precious time you are short on right now.

My workbook, "Interview Fitness Training," is the cornerstone of my coaching business. This workbook contains the exercises that I use to coach my clients to help them prepare for an interview.

I have sold hundreds of thousands of copies of this workbook – worldwide! I use it everyday in my own coaching business.

I am willing to share my workbook and my techniques with you to use in your coaching center by giving you my exercises and secrets, The Facilitator's Guide is your dream come true.

And - I am going to train you how to use the workbook and the job interview exercises in the most effective way.

I have cut an audio for you to use as I guide you through the exercises with several important tips about using these exercises with your clients.

Also included in the package are master copies of the exercises that you are free to reproduce as needed. This PDF of the exercises allows you to print originals from your computer or send to your clients.

By purchasing this package you have the rights - the license - to use the exercises from the workbook with clients individually and to reproduce them for that purpose.

The only provision that I place on these forms is I ask you not to publish or re-sell in any form.

And one more thing - they retain all copyright information.


  • All Digital, so that you can get started right away!

  • Download "Interview Fitness Training" and the step-by-step audio to guide you through the book.

  • PDF of all exercises that I use so you can create your own original copies for you to reproduce and use with your client’s

  • An audio for you to download or listen to online, recorded by me telling you how to use the workbook with your clients – this includes my tips and methods of helping clients become more confident and prepared for their upcoming and future interviews.

  • License to use the exercises and to reproduce materials as many times as you would like – to use with your clients (not for publication or re-sale.) 

  • One hour of my undivided attention, by phone, to answer all of your questions and coach you through any problem areas you may have difficulty with.

  • Discounts on all orders of workbooks for you to use - now and in the future. SPECIAL BONUS:

Access to a recording of my unique coaching format - "The Speed Interview Event" where I put job seekers in the "hot seat" and interview them and immediately critique their responses.

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5 Reasons For Using My Facilitator's Guide


REASON 1. NOT TO BRAG, BUT I’M THE BEST You’ll be learning from the top, crème de la crème interview trainer in the industry, bar none. With 18 years of HR Management Experience, 8 years experience as’s interview expert, a Master's Degree in career Management, and an Adjunct Faculty Member at three universities, I have the background and training necessary to teach you the secrets of performing as an Interview Coach.

REASON 2. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES - It took me 10 years to develop my method of interview coaching - you won't have to work that hard because I've been there and done that - and you won't have to suffer through the costly mistakes I made.

REASON 3. SAVE TIME AND FRUSTRATION - I am giving you my secrets - and allowing you to use and copy my products and my time tested discoveries. I’m even giving you license to copy my workbook exercises. Why re-invent the wheel?

REASON 4. COPY MY SUCCESS - it took me 10 years to grow my business to the level I am today - YOU too can have the same successful results - almost immediately.

REASON 5. MAKE MY DAY -- I receive hundreds of emails and calls from people telling me how I made a difference in their life. You can receive those same types of emails telling you that you made a difference in someone’s life – across the US and beyond.

I've reduced the price by 25% for a limited time

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Nothing will be mailed to you! You will have access to the entire program at any time for as long as you need! 


All rights reserved: May use with clients and prospects individually and reproduce for that purpose only. May not publish or re-sell in any form and must retain all copyright information. © Carole Martin 2015


Best wishes

Carole Martin
The Interview Coach


P.S. I have had many jobs in my life and some have been better than others. But I can honestly say, THIS IS THE BEST! I can’t explain the highs I get when someone writes to me or calls to say, “I got the job – and I couldn’t have done it without your help.”